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0000253: [[ideaMantis] Technical] Execute creating changelog in other thread (domjos)
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Released 2017-03-31
0000252: [[ideaMantis] Technical] Exception on creating changelog (domjos)
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0000193: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] not readable entry from import (domjos)
0000161: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] List-View export to ics to export-module (domjos)
0000164: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add validation to review (domjos)
0000171: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add software to module SearchFromWeb (domjos)
0000179: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Can drop tables in Querie-Module (domjos)
0000181: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add wait-cursor for searching after contacts (domjos)
0000172: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] change title of module pictures (domjos)
0000170: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Folder-Chooser doesn't use home-path as start-dir (domjos)
0000190: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Change , to . if user put , in on module contact height (domjos)
0000158: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add import folder for documents (domjos)
0000180: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] replace - in import more than one number (domjos)
0000187: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Import whole cd pressing x (domjos)
0000192: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] import whole cd to module import (domjos)
0000174: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Folder-Button on wrong position (domjos)
0000167: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Actualize todoforfutureversions (domjos)
0000183: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] wrong db-model, remove exceptions (domjos)
0000160: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] change default width because of some bad looking controls (domjos)
0000159: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Exception if mysql isn't installed! (domjos)
0000141: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Report for publishers (domjos)
0000142: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] report for read and not read (domjos)
0000144: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] field for location of medfia item (domjos)
0000147: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add status of media like new or... (domjos)
0000157: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add software to mediathek (domjos)
0000143: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Rating system (domjos)
0000146: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] get type of software from ean (domjos)
0000151: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] import for pics folder (domjos)
0000156: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] After adding first book 'Der Weg zum Java-Profi' (domjos)
0000145: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] aftter adding software changing type computer game double (domjos)
0000135: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] check isbn per cam (domjos)
0000137: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add software to search (domjos)
0000148: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] import messge at export (domjos)
0000152: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Medialist: already read at movie??? (domjos)
0000154: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Error after saving medialist (domjos)
0000155: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Postillon book not an fx-application (domjos)
0000153: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] project folder as default folder on dir chooser (domjos)
0000134: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add software to import per number (domjos)
0000133: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] don't change design after change settings (domjos)
0000132: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] number on import per number not readable (domjos)
0000108: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Reports don't work (domjos)
0000129: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add software to reports (domjos)
0000131: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add software to export (domjos)
0000130: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] export in task (domjos)
0000076: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add import for others (domjos)
0000075: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] check import for music and movies (domjos)
0000015: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] More Sorting-Options (domjos)
0000096: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Module for computerGames (domjos)
0000073: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Sign setup (domjos)
0000020: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Search after similar pictures (domjos)
0000109: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Database: postalcode as string (domjos)
0000080: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] delete duplicated entries (domjos)
0000002: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Search Media (domjos)
0000103: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Check database version before starting (domjos)
0000126: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Better validatim (domjos)
0000101: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Long text in description (domjos)
0000118: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Error mediaView videocontent (domjos)
0000119: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] counts number of seen not number of seen media (domjos)
0000114: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] MSI (domjos)
0000128: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] white design treetableview bad readable (domjos)
0000127: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Tabs visible in some designs (domjos)
0000105: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] contact Button to edit address (domjos)
0000110: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Exception after start (domjos)
0000097: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] MediaView: Unheard Music will counted in unseen Movies and videos (domjos)
0000098: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Hide icon when mediaview is minimized (domjos)
0000081: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add more than one isbn / ean number (domjos)
0000099: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] mediaview not heard tracklist not reseted (domjos)
0000106: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Show map to set new address (domjos)
0000102: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] textArea readonly (domjos)
0000100: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Exception when dropping whole document (domjos)
0000077: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Change Mail-Template (domjos)
0000074: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add screen to setup (domjos)
0000078: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add icon to summary-screen (domjos)
0000079: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Import VCARD (domjos)
0000116: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] add vcard import to other import (domjos)
0000111: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Backup to other tab than sync (domjos)
0000115: [[MyArchive-Desktop] Technical] Export contacts to vcard (domjos)
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